He stood motionless, like a pillar of salt.

Hell awaits you.

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You're going to make mistakes.

A gifted person ought to learn English (barring spelling and pronouncing) in thirty hours, French in thirty days, and German in thirty years.

A cobbler should stick to his last.

There was only one problem.

Slartibartfast hardly ever makes mistakes.


Don't let anyone enter the room.

She would have come willingly, but she was on vacation.

You slept on the train.

Don't get too used to it.

I think I've found what we've been looking for.


I'd never marry someone like you.

Lead bends easily.

The enchantress clutched Rapunzel's beautiful tresses, wrapped them twice round her left hand, seized a pair of scissors with the right, and snip, snap, they were cut off, and the lovely braids lay on the ground.


It seems that he mistook me for my sister.


The company employs new staff seasonally.


I like your thinking.

The person who descended from the coach was a woman of about 22 or 23 with, if I had to say, a plain appearance. At a glance, I knew that she was a guest coming from Paris. She was alone.

Thank you for the gift.

How many times a week do you want to study?

You got it right.

I ran in the direction of the sun.

Does Terry complain about back pain often?

Carol is a pretty sophisticated guy.

He is proud of being a British subject.

I wish you'd call them.

That sounds exhausting.


The police believe Sanjay was murdered.


Many stars are forming within the galaxy.


We will not do it.

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Culture destroys languages.

Did you talk to Mosur about me yet?

I've no idea what's causing these problems.


She is no better than a thief.


He did it for fun.

Fay has got Harold on a tight leash.

I don't want to play with you.

I always thought that Shel and Lynn would eventually get married.

Sanjib let me in.

Craig will be back from Boston tomorrow.

We're just looking for him.


We called upon him for a speech.

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You seem to have had that car for years.

It's no use crying over spilt milk.

Raman walked into the room and asked where Juan was.

I have no proof to the contrary.

Every day I waited for her at the bookstore after school.


I could also hire a car.

It's a cautionary tale.

I didn't see much.

We could be here for hours.

If he will come, I will wait for him till he comes.

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No matter.

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We agreed among ourselves.

They won't find him there.

The maid arranged the knives and forks on the table.

Hey, what a great idea!

I wanted to change.

If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.

The best yarn is that spun by hand.

You've got to go even if you don't want to.

Boyce pays rent on the first day of every month.

Floyd is almost ready.

There must be something at the bottom of all this.

Every time I see you, I think of your father.

The basket was full to the brim with strawberries.


I believe that he comes here.


I think shopping wins.

I appreciate your efforts to help me.

He trusts his wife to a great extent.

Will you impart the secret to me?

Romain told us why he'd been absent.

Vicki raised his glass of wine to watch the beautiful red color against the light.

We beat our brains to solve this problem.

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He is not a good student, to say the least.


He earned her love.

The scholarship made it possible for me to continue my studies.

Will I be the only one going to the party?

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My brother had his pocket picked in the train.


There are ten thousand students in this university.

We may have a meeting tomorrow afternoon.

I have plenty of theories.


Please give me one 80-yen stamp.

Ragnar feigned surprise.

All the boys spoke in turn.

Could you tell me your present address?

John is doing well at the office.

This dictionary contains not less than fifty thousand words.

I feel bad that I can't come today.

Swamy agreed that Eileen's suggestions were good ones.

We've lived in Boston for three years.

The world is confronted with the problem of environmental pollution.

Is there any end in sight to the deepening economic crisis?

I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.

Do you want to piss before going downstairs to the street?

I think it's time to try a new approach.

Izumi quickly closed the door before any mosquitoes could get in.

Something's dawned on me.

The European currencies have weakened against the dollar.

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We've all seen it before.

Seymour knows that won't work.

You are a very lucky man.

We let them win.

An opponent of limited dimensions can often be quite diverting.

Don't you realize everything Colin said was a lie?

Pierce has been acquitted.


You don't speak French by any chance, do you?


I need to find something to open this bottle with.

She plans to stay at the Oriental Hotel.

That's not why I came here.

I had a busy day today.

Sanche charged down the stairs.

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I think you ought to listen.

The kidnappers blindfolded us.

Swamy has a broken leg.


Andreas was risking losing his job by talking to his boss that way.

You must be in love.

We've known him for years.

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Go figure.

Move your finger left or right to see another animal.

I didn't lie to them.

The destruction of the rainforests affects our environment.

Where were we?

I hope I get the chance to ask Jack that question.

What exactly would you like me to do?

I'll buy them a new one.

The president doesn't see anybody.

Pravin wanted me to find out if you'd be willing to help us.

I asked him to come with me.

Let it go.

Vickie stopped smiling and gave me a dirty look.

We went to New York by plane.

I can't wait to see you.

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This book seems easy to me.


This book is red.


Nate admitted he didn't like Seth very much.


What did you think I was going to do?

Last week I gained another five pounds.

She played the piano beautifully.

Geology is divided into various branches such as mineralogy, petrology, and physical geology.

Rafael had a really great time.

He left a window open.

Please put this into English.

Hohn has already told me everything I think I need to know.

I also heard that it'd been awful around the Olympic Flame.

The patient is up and about.

The previous tenant took care of the apartment.


Duke knew where Lui was.

That child has to be restrained.

Dylan is getting some coffee.

The wooden chair costs sixty libras.

I love swimming.

Ken is waiting for the arrival of the train.

It's not like you not to call.


You do like him, don't you?

Oranges contain a lot of vitamin C.

There was no damage to the office, or workers, and we're in business as usual.

Raman told me that he's never coming back here.

I know that Sorrel likes Celia.

I meant to call them.

I could tell Pierce the truth, I suppose.

I don't blame you for the accident. It wasn't your fault.

He failed notwithstanding my advice.